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It can be very hard to offer help to a loved one caught up in an addictive situation, especially when you bring unscientific views to the situation. You might believe, for example, that a little steel and resolve is all it takes to stop. You need to be aware that will power has been scientifically proven to be irrelevant. If you would really like to help with an addiction, there are scientifically designed drug rehabs in Hampton that can help.

How Does Addiction Happen?

Addictive substances bring about irreversible physical change to the brain. These changes alter the brain's ability to exercise self-restraint when it comes to drug use. As odd as it may seem that a drug would be able to bring about such specific change, it is exactly what happens. The brain's reward and learning center is in control of building deep attachment to any action that creates pleasure; when drugs stimulate this region of the brain to create pleasure, such attachment is an unintended consequence.

Addiction, then, comes with uncontrolled substance abuse. If resolve to quit is made in a moment of clarity, such clarity quickly melts away when the cravings of such attachment begin. All logical understanding that may have previously existed simply disappears.

Quitting Isn't Just About Battling the Cravings

Since cravings come about as a result of permanent changes in the brain, they remain for life in some form; people are known to relapse and return to drug use after decades of sobriety. Addressing the cravings of addiction is certainly the most important part of drug rehab programs.

Yet, addiction treatment in Hampton can come only once the immediate substance-abuse habit ends. Withdrawal symptoms are the obstacle that makes it hard to achieve this goal.

Drugs are able to produce pleasure because they are able to closely mimic the action of natural chemicals and transmitters in the brain that controls the function of the learning and reward center. With drugs performing a critical function of the brain, the brain comes to depend on them as if they were an essential internal chemical; this makes quitting hard.

When you quit, the brain reacts as if it were deprived of a critical chemical. It is this effect that makes quitting very painful, and sometimes, even dangerous.

Not only can you experience pain and discomfort, you can go through tremors, anxiety, fits of violence, cardiac collapse, and epileptic attacks. Depending on how long addiction has lasted, the combination of drugs used, and the general state of your health, these symptoms can be moderately difficult or life-threatening.

Rehab Can Help

Before medical science managed to successfully uncover the inner workings of addiction, the condition was thought to be related to character flaws or moral shortcomings. DIY attempts at rehab also stand on the belief that a strong will and various unscientific hacks are all it takes to secure a win against this condition. To this day, there are thousands of drug and alcohol rehabs and treatment systems out there that operate on these beliefs.

Needless to say, most people who attempt to quit in an unscientific way -- whether at unscientific drug and alcohol rehab centers or on their own -- fail. If you can look for the best scientific, evidence-based drug rehabs in Hampton, your chances of success rise. If you take your chances with a center that offers anything less, your chances suffer.

When you go to a high-quality, evidence-based drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab centers in Hampton that come with specific expertise in the drug of concern and choose inpatient care, you get treatment that looks like this:

  • Detox comes with specific medications administered as soon as withdrawal symptoms turn up, making for painless withdrawal.
  • Complications are promptly taken care of. Whether they come from a multiple-drug addiction or poor health, experts promptly take care of them.
  • If the patient's engagement with treatment falters, inpatient treatment has expert therapists and caregivers who are able to prop up the patient's resolve.
  • If the patient decides to cheat or quit, it turns out to be difficult because of supervision and the professional therapeutic support available.
  • Many patients experience mental disorders alongside their addiction. Such disorders are treated.
  • Therapy is conducted for the specific challenges experienced. There are no one-size-fits-all therapeutic sessions.

It all comes down to finding the right treatment

The questions in your mind shouldn't be generic ones -- about whether you can try your luck with DIY rehab or go with professional rehab and so on. Instead, your questions should be about which specific areas may need help. If you don't find the right care, failure is inevitable. In most cases, the right care comes in the form of well-chosen rehab. You simply look for the best drug rehabs in Hampton and leave the rest to the professionals. Call Hampton Drug Rehab Centers now for help (757) 327-7381.

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